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by *Brit (music_star13)
at September 21st, 2010 (04:56 pm)

by *Brit (music_star13)
at June 3rd, 2010 (09:38 pm)

by *Brit (music_star13)
at April 22nd, 2010 (03:46 pm)

by *Brit (music_star13)
at April 20th, 2010 (07:21 pm)

Please VOTE for suicide prevention at Pepsi Refresh!! You can vote once a day until the end of the month and we NEED your votes!!!!



by *Brit (music_star13)
at April 14th, 2010 (12:03 pm)

Please Tweet: #AmericaWants @TWLOHA to get a full-page ad in USA TODAY.

by *Brit (music_star13)
at March 24th, 2010 (12:00 am)


see oh double-elle double-ii in [userpic]
by see oh double-elle double-ii in (lambie)
at January 19th, 2010 (12:35 pm)

(TWLOHA) With your support, we are 61 hours away from winning one million dollars for suicide prevention. Please continue to help spread the word to those who haven't voted yet! Let's do this: http://bit.ly/7si7Be

see oh double-elle double-ii in [userpic]
by see oh double-elle double-ii in (lambie)
at January 15th, 2010 (08:16 pm)

 The Issue

19 million Americans struggle with depression & untreated depression is the leading cause of suicide. 2/3 of people who struggle with depression never seek treatment. There are an estimated 840,000 suicide attempts & more than 32,000 people die by suicide in America each year. 
Many people are unwilling or unable to reach out to traditional crisis hotlines. Studies show that compared to telephone and face-to-face communication, people are most comfortable / willing to reach out for help online via written communication. More than ever, people are communicating through instant messaging & phone texting. The primary current forms of crisis intervention and suicide prevention are telephone hotlines and face-to-face (i.e. counseling and treatment centers). 
There is a tremendous need for an online network. 
TWLOHA has an online audience of over 500,000. Since 2006, we have responded to more than 100,000 messages from people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.
The Plan
TWLOHA is partnering with Kristin Brooks Hope Center to launch IMAlive, the first live online crisis network with 100% of its staff certified & trained in crisis intervention. Since 1998, 1-800-SUICIDE has responded to more than 3 million calls from people in crisis. 
KBHC built the National Hopeline Network by networking 200 community crisis centers through national toll-free numbers, 1-800-SUICIDE/SUICIDA. KBHC developed the software necessary for location-based routing to allow for appropriate referrals as well as emergency rescue. KBHC will develop state-of-the-art tools to manage routing of chats & crisis calls/chats. 
Need: 1,000 volunteers to launch. Minimum of 50 hours training as well as a series of tests & screenings. 
Training costs $250 per person & will be provided by the QPR Institute, regarded as the leader in crisis intervention training. 
Our plan is to use the internet to allow thousands of trained crisis line workers to create the first virtual crisis call center.
The Outcome
Once launched, IMAlive will allow crisis responders to reach millions of people through its custom built instant messaging service. 
IMAlive will provide online support to people who are unwilling or unable to make phone calls to traditional crisis hotlines. 
The IMAlive network will provide access to online crisis intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will be the first crisis network with 100% of its staff and volunteers certified and trained in crisis intervention. 
We’re currently in the BETA testing phase of IMAlive training. We plan to have training for 1000 volunteers completed by end of Summer 2010. IMAlive will launch Fall 2010.

see oh double-elle double-ii in [userpic]
by see oh double-elle double-ii in (lambie)
at January 15th, 2010 (05:23 pm)

current mood: hopeful

 Hey Guys,

Chase Bank is giving away a million bucks. TWLOHA is a finalist. We've had to create a proposal around a need, a plan and an outcome. We're partnering with Kristin Brooks Hope Center - the founders of 1-800-SUICIDE which has answered more than three million crisis calls over the last decade. We're working with KBHC to launch IMAlive, a live online crisis network. All of the details are listed at the link below or you're welcome to hit me back with questions... In short, we believe we have the opportunity to help save thousands of lives with this. We believe we can lower the suicide rate in America and around the world by meeting people where they are - online.
It's easy, fast and free to vote: http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/1299927
For you tweeters: http://bit.ly/7si7Be or retweet www.twitter.com/twloha
Voting opens today and ends Friday the 22nd.
Thanks all. This is a big moment for us and your support means a ton.
: )
Please vote for TWLOHA to win $1 million for suicide prevention: http://bit.ly/7si7Be 

by knowresolve (knowresolve)
at December 15th, 2009 (04:00 pm)

Doing our part in Michigan to help! Join us.


by *Brit (music_star13)
at December 4th, 2009 (07:33 pm)

Heavy and Light
by *Brit (music_star13)
at December 4th, 2009 (07:11 pm)


Chase Community Giving!
by *Brit (music_star13)
at November 20th, 2009 (01:45 pm)

twenty4mixtapes [userpic]
by twenty4mixtapes (twenty4mixtapes)
at November 18th, 2009 (07:49 pm)

current mood: confused
current song: Your Love is a Song + Switchfoot

Okay, so I've been trying to upload my proof on the TWLOHA street team for...I don't even know how long now. Every time I click on UPLOAD PROOF, nothing happens. The link at the top of the screen changes, but nothing pops up.

Is anyone else having this issue? I completed all the Woodie Award orders, but because I couldn't upload them, they all expired.

Please help :-\

Thank you!

by *Brit (music_star13)
at November 12th, 2009 (08:52 pm)

Wild Things!
by *Brit (music_star13)
at November 5th, 2009 (11:39 am)


Vote for Jamie!!
by *Brit (music_star13)
at October 15th, 2009 (02:31 pm)

TWLOHA Live Webcast!
by *Brit (music_star13)
at September 28th, 2009 (07:59 pm)

underthedogwood [userpic]
by underthedogwood (underthedogwood)
at September 15th, 2009 (12:30 am)

World Suicide Prevention Day
by *Brit (music_star13)
at September 10th, 2009 (03:12 pm)

Have you thought about it today? Wear a TWLOHA shirt sometime this week to represent!

twenty4mixtapes [userpic]
by twenty4mixtapes (twenty4mixtapes)
at August 24th, 2009 (01:55 pm)

current mood: bouncy
current song: My Same + Adele

"We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken."

I've made it 18 months today without any sort of self-injury. I'm still a little anxious...I always am this time of the month, but I'm still very proud :)

Peace and love.

by *Brit (music_star13)
at August 14th, 2009 (10:54 pm)

Follow the TWLOHA Road Blog on Tumblr!!

New T-shirts!!
by *Brit (music_star13)
at August 13th, 2009 (05:59 pm)

Operation Beautiful
by neonanon (neonanon)
at July 28th, 2009 (01:03 am)

I don't know if this is okay, and if it isn't, please just delete this, but I wanted everyone to know about this community:  opbeautiful 

It's a community about seeing the bright side of the world, about what inspires you to be a better person, what makes the world beautiful to you, and what you do to help others remember how wonderful the world can be.

I just think it'd be helpful for some people who are in a bad place to help them see the light in the dark.

Thank you for your time :)

myfaceitches [userpic]
yo dude
by myfaceitches (myfaceitches)
at July 20th, 2009 (11:26 pm)

current mood: drained

 so i got this thing as a social experiment... im gonna post my thoughts completely uncut and anonymous so i can see who i really am. i am a big supporter of TWLOHA and am struggling with depression and used to SI... so this might be a good read to just figure out whats going on in depressed people's heads with no strings attached... or some shit like that...

- myfaceitches

Warped Tour!!
by *Brit (music_star13)
at June 26th, 2009 (05:11 pm)

Anthony Raneri!
by *Brit (music_star13)
at June 10th, 2009 (05:04 pm)

by *Brit (music_star13)
at June 2nd, 2009 (06:22 pm)

by *Brit (music_star13)
at May 7th, 2009 (09:56 pm)

by *Brit (music_star13)
at April 29th, 2009 (04:40 pm)

Follow TWLOHA on Twitter!!!
by *Brit (music_star13)
at April 7th, 2009 (01:22 pm)

Social Vibe!
by *Brit (music_star13)
at April 2nd, 2009 (02:45 pm)

Jamie Tworkowski Speaking!!
by *Brit (music_star13)
at March 26th, 2009 (09:30 pm)

Jamie Tworkowski will be speaking:

Vegas: March 28th and 29th
Oklahoma State: April 1st
Irvine, CA: April 4th and 5th

Visit www.twloha.com for more details!!

You Are Extraordinary
by *Brit (music_star13)
at March 24th, 2009 (10:31 pm)

Join my new community for words of hope and encouragement - http://community.livejournal.com/extraordinary_3

I'll be updating at the very least weekly (sometimes more often) so check back and comment lots! :)

<3 hope and love

Stand Up by Fireflight
by saxgirl93 (saxgirl93)
at March 7th, 2009 (06:52 pm)

current mood: chipper
current song: Parmore - Fences

Check out her shirt in one of the piccies too, I totally just realized that! :O

TWLOHA Australia!
by *Brit (music_star13)
at February 18th, 2009 (03:25 pm)

Straight from Jamie's blog:


For Australia.

To our friends in Australia,

We don't know what to say. 

i'm sorry.  We're sorry. 

We'll start there.   

Why?  Why does it snow in one place and rain in another while a third place burns? 

Why is life like that?

The following words kept me up most of last night.  This came in an email from a friend in Melbourne:
"A few days ago i read a text message that a mother had received from her son who was trapped in the fire - it was his goodbye.  This woman broke down in front of me at the thought of never seeing her son again..."

My friend went on to say that he had stood on what used to be a football ground. He said that 56 people had evacuated to this place at the last minute, believing it was safe because it was away from the trees.  All 56 of them were killed. 

i don't know what to do with stories like that.  i don't know what to say in response. 

i suppose we just want to say that this has our attention, and that we're going to do everything we can to help.  We're talking to friends, especially in Melbourne, to see what's being done and how we can get involved.  Rich, Chris and i head to Australia for Soundwave Festival next week, a trip we already had planned, before the fires.  The timing is certainly surprising.  It hit me late last night in reading that email from my friend, that we have to do something, we have to respond.  We have to be creative and do what we do best... i emailed some of our friends who are playing Soundwave, guys who are part of our story.  Amazing to think we'll be over there with some of our close friends (Anberlin, Bayside, Aaron Gillespie) in a moment like this.  Everyone is willing to help, to say this matters, to do something in response, to go beyond just saying words from a stage...

In closing, i just want to say that our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Australia right now, especially those that have lost ones and homes.  We don't want to offer you cheap answers.  We do want to say that your questions matter to us, your pain matters to us.  Your families, your towns, your stories, your memories.  Real things.  They matter.  You matter.   
As much as possible, across an internet and across all the oceans, we want to say that we're with you right now.  Australia is a place that moves us, that matters to us - i mean that personally, that i fell in love with Australia last year.  We're excited to go back and we hope to see you soon.   

Peace to you, from all of us in Florida and around the world. 

lalalala [userpic]
definitely a happy valentine's day!
by lalalala (ms_remis)
at February 16th, 2009 (10:16 am)

current location: the box(that has a window)
current mood: ditzy
current song: "My Heart"-Paramore

V-day was so much fun. got me a new tat. Justine got her lip pierced. Jenni got a tat and a monroe. o man good times. Did me some shopping. This was definitely one of the better V-days even tho im alone. i wasnt by myself. My girls were there for me. And i was there for them. We went and watched the new Underworld. Not sure if it was good. i fell asleep :-/ LOL!  actually we all fell sleep. We're gettin old! haha not really. But i am turning 21 tomorrow! yay cake! mmm hmm.... next weekend is guna be fun! Wednesday im goin with my girl Shina to get her a tat. this will be like her 20th one. seriously. she's goin thru a hard time rite now. and wuts a better way than to get a new tattoo to deal with the pain.  well i just wanted to show off my new tat! Even tho James is so mad at me for gettin it. Felt like my dad was disappointed in me. eeek...  Peace!


woot :D
by saxgirl93 (saxgirl93)
at February 10th, 2009 (08:29 pm)

current mood: bouncy
current song: Coldplay - Lovers In Japan / Reign Of Love | Powered by Last.fm

I have to give a speech tomorrow for speech class (really, not surprising) and we have to talk about three things that define us. I'm bringing in a TWLOHA card (my shirt wouldn't fit in the little paper bag). I was gonna show off my wicked necklace, but I wear that every day and it's too small. :D

I'm kind of stoked for a speech for the first time ever.

V-day Doesn't Have to Suck!
by *Brit (music_star13)
at February 10th, 2009 (01:05 pm)

Hey Guys.

i think we can all relate to all of the following: pain, hope, love, loss, laughter, questions, joy, loneliness, dreams, sickness, fear and friendship.  Sometimes life is this really amazing thing.  Sometimes it hurts like hell. 

Valentine's Day can be pretty great if you have a date or a wife or boyfriend, or something along those lines.  But like most holidays, it can also remind us what's missing or what hurts.  It can be a pretty lonely day. 

We believe that conversations are powerful, that with all of the issues we speak to and so many of the messages we respond to, the answer begins there, with choosing to live less alone, choosing to do life with other people. 

So, for the second year in a row, this is our attempt at taming a famous awkward day.  We did this last year and it turned out to be a great night.  We're aiming for more of the same this year, wanting Saturday night's live chat to be a taste of community, honesty and hope for a lot of people. 

See you Saturday? 
: )

PS: It's pretty easy.  You'll just need to go to AbsolutePunk.net at 8pm EST this Saturday night (2/14). If you want to participate in the chat, you'll need to create an account. It's easy and it's free.

PS2: We'll be in Chicago for events Thursday and Friday.  Check the calendar for info. 

Kristin... [userpic]
by Kristin... (whoa_xoxo)
at February 10th, 2009 (01:34 am)

i'm doing a research paper on twloah, and i was wondering if anyone had links to videos or blogs where people have confused twloha with a band? i know that someone actually thought hayley william's band was twloha but i cant seem to find it anywhere. any help would be great! thanks :)

by saxgirl93 (saxgirl93)
at February 8th, 2009 (03:17 pm)

current location: home
current mood: peaceful
current song: Mr. Roboto

I've obviously made an improvement since last year. My mom just packed a bag and left, but I haven't thought of cutting ONCE! :D Well, I am right now because I'm telling you guys this, but actually doing it would probably make me vomit. \O/

I'm so proud of myself!

Street Team
by *Brit (music_star13)
at February 6th, 2009 (10:42 pm)

I encourage anyone interested in getting more involved in TWLOHA to sign up for the street team! You can be as involved as you want to be, and you aren't obligated to do anything more than you are able to do. :)


<3 peace, hope, and love

Hopeless Neuromantic [userpic]
I've got to save her.
by Hopeless Neuromantic (strangeasanjles)
at February 5th, 2009 (06:40 pm)

I'm Anjle.

I live in Norfolk, Virginia and one of my jobs, cashier at Hot Topic, is where I first heard of TWOLHA.

I've read a bit about it here and there and haven't thought too much about it other than that it seems like a fantastic movement...but now I feel like maybe one, or some of you could help me.

I've been simultaneously the happiest and most miserable I've ever been in my entire life during the last two years. My girlfriend of two years, Alexis, asked me to marry her on Christmas eve. That was one of the good times. the happy times. One week ago, a night of laughter and wine drinking and movie-watching suddenly deteriorated into wine glasses shattered against the wall, slamming doors and threats of suicide with all the lights out.

I've got to save herCollapse )

by *Brit (music_star13)
at February 5th, 2009 (03:03 pm)

I just want everyone to know...I love you all. Whether you're hurting or helping the hurting...no matter which side of the fence you're on, I love you. :)

Help me help a friend
by saxgirl93 (saxgirl93)
at January 31st, 2009 (11:28 am)
current mood: busy

Ok, so I have an internet friend who I am trying to help stop cutting. She thinks she needs it and I am trying to help her see that she doesn't and that she's not an idiot, or weak, or insane or whatever and that she just needs some help. Any advice?

see oh double-elle double-ii in [userpic]
by see oh double-elle double-ii in (lambie)
at January 10th, 2009 (08:03 pm)

"Suicide is a civil right and those who commit suicide are simply exercising their individual freedom to do so. If we as a society or government try to prevent the suicide, we are actively infringing on that person’s freedom of expression. By forcing them to live a life they don’t like, committing them to an institution they don’t want, we are pushing our values and beliefs into another…is this not a violation of civil and individual liberty? Do we have the right to interfere in somebody’s life or rather can we tolerate somebody’s interference in ours?"

- http://genosign.wordpress.com/2009/01/09/suicide-the-right-to-die/


but you can call me alynnagator [userpic]
by but you can call me alynnagator (lost_sorrows)
at January 5th, 2009 (09:08 pm)

I wrote this in my blog a while ago. Thought I share my feelings of the stars when I was young.

I used to hate the starsCollapse )

Ack. It's a new year; let's make it the best year ever.

kkkatehateable [userpic]
by kkkatehateable (kkkatehateable)
at December 17th, 2008 (10:20 pm)

im a complete fake
although i support twloha, and the movement
i self injure myself, and im currently not planning on giving up.

please dont judge me.
but i still believe in it, and that there is help available, and there is hope
im only having a short period of... it.
im sorry, i hope i havent let you all down.

by saxgirl93 (saxgirl93)
at December 8th, 2008 (07:01 pm)

current location: home
current mood: tired
current song: i dont know, something by my chemical romance or something

umm...im kind of rambling, but i just need to get this outCollapse )
borderlineCollapse )

underthedogwood [userpic]
by underthedogwood (underthedogwood)
at December 5th, 2008 (04:56 pm)

Hey, you can support TWLOHA by joining socialvibe. If you haven't done it already, do it! :)It's free and you can raise money and a sponsor donates money (not you) to support TWLOHA. It's a really cool site. I suggest joining. Click where it says join on my badge and make an account ^_^ When you join, you just pick To Write Love On Her Arms as your cause!

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